Haoqi Zhang

Breed Junior Chair of Design
Ford 2.320, 2.325
CV / research / teaching / service

Delta Lab
Segal Design Institute
Technology & Social Behavior

My work integrates design, technology, and research.

I study, design, and build social computing systems that promote desired behaviors and outcomes. My current work focuses on engaging crowds and communities in problem solving and collective action, and on advancing new design processes. My research interests span the fields of social computing, crowdsourcing, HCI, AI, machine learning, and decision science. Examples of ongoing projects include:

community planning: engage an entire community to plan events.
lo-fi prototype testing: test paper prototypes of mobile apps remotely.
physical crowdsourcing: enabling low-effort, on-the-go contributions. sense, complete small tasks. build habits, and have fun.
readily available learning experiences: learn web programming skills through real world examples and action plans for personal projects.
agile research studios: advance research training with organizational processes and cyberlearning technologies that support self-directed learning within a community of researchers.

Current and Recent Works

Computer Supported Collective Action. [Article] new!
Aaron Shaw, Haoqi Zhang, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Sean Munson, Benjamin Mako Hill, Elizabeth Gerber, Peter Kinnaird, and Patrick Minder.
interactions: 21, 2, March 2014.

Frenzy: Collaborative Data Organization for Creating Conference Sessions. [PDF] new!
Chilton, Kim, Andre, Cordeiro, Landay, Weld, Dow, Miller, and Zhang.
To appear in CHI '14, Toronto, 2014.
honorable mention for best paper

Pair Research: Matching People for Collaboration, Learning, and Productivity. [PDF] new!
Robert C. Miller, Haoqi Zhang, Eric Gilbert, and Elizabeth Gerber.
CSCW '14, Baltimore, 2014.

Community clustering: Leveraging an academic crowd to form coherent conference sessions. [PDF, Demo]
Andre, Zhang, Kim, Chilton, Dow, and Miller.
HCOMP '13, Palm Springs, 2013.
notable paper award

Cobi: A Community-Informed Conference Scheduling Tool [PDF, Project Overview & Demo]
Juho Kim, Haoqi Zhang, Paul André, Lydia Chilton, Wendy MacKay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Robert C. Miller, Steven P. Dow.
UIST '13, St Andrews, 2013.

Automated Workflow Synthesis [PDF] new!
Haoqi Zhang, Eric Horvitz, and David Parkes.
In AAAI '13, Bellevue, 2013.

Cobi: Communitysourcing Large-Scale Conference Scheduling [PDF, Project Overview & Demo]
Haoqi Zhang, Paul André, Lydia Chilton, Juho Kim, Steven P. Dow, Robert C. Miller, Wendy MacKay, and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon.
Demo at CHI Interactivity, 2013.

Computational Environment Design
[PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang
Dissertation, Harvard University, 2012.
Front matter
1. Introduction
2. Human Computation Algorithms
3. Human Computation with Global Constraints
4. Harnessing Crowd Abilities: Control and Synthesis
5. Task Routing
6. Automated Environment Design
7. Automated Task Design
8. Automated Workflow Synthesis
9. Conclusion

Other Publications

Hallucination: a Mixed-Initiative Approach for Efficient Document Reconstruction [PDF, slides, video]
Haoqi Zhang, John Lai, and Moritz Baecher.
In HCOMP '12, Toronto, 2012.

Human Computation Tasks with Global Constraints [PDF, slides, video]
Haoqi Zhang, Edith Law, Krzysztof Gajos, Eric Horvitz, Rob Miller, and David Parkes.
In CHI '12, Austin, 2012.
honorable mention for best paper

Task Routing for Prediction Tasks [PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang, Eric Horvitz, Yiling Chen, and David Parkes.
In AAMAS '12, Valencia, Spain, 2012.
Earlier version [PDF, slides] appeared at the ACM EC Workshop on social computing & user-generated content, 2011.

TurkServer: Enabling Synchronous and Longitudinal Online Experiments [PDF]
Andrew Mao, Yiling Chen, Krzysztof Gajos, David Parkes, Ariel Procaccia, and Haoqi Zhang
In HCOMP '12, Toronto, 2012.

Economics of BitTorrent Communities [PDF, slides, interview]
Ian Kash, John Lai, Haoqi Zhang, and Aviv Zohar.
In WWW '12, Lyon, France, 2012.
Earlier version [PDF, slides] appeared at the ACM EC workshop on NetEcon, 2011.

PlateMate: Crowdsourcing Nutrition Analysis from Food Photographs.
[PDF, slides]
Jon Noronha, Eric Hysen, Haoqi Zhang, and Krzysztof Z. Gajos.
In UIST '11, Santa Barbara, 2011.

Towards Large-Scale Collaborative Planning: Answering High-Level Search Queries Using Human Computation [PDF, slides]
Edith Law and Haoqi Zhang.
In AAAI '11, San Francisco, 2011.

An Iterative Dual Pathway Structure for Speech-to-Text Transcription [PDF, slides]
Beatrice Liem, Haoqi Zhang, and Yiling Chen.
In HCOMP '11 (held at AAAI), San Francisco, 2011.

Crowdsourcing General Computation [PDF]
Haoqi Zhang, Eric Horvitz, Rob Miller, and David C. Parkes.
In the CHI 2011 workshop on crowdsourcing and human computation, 2011.
Also available as MSR technical report MSR-TR-2011-6.

Incentive Design for Adaptive Agents [PDF, slides]
Yiling Chen, Jerry Kung, David Parkes, Ariel Procaccia, and Haoqi Zhang.
In AAMAS '11, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011.

Toward Automatic Task Design: A Progress Report [PDF, slides]
Eric Huang, Haoqi Zhang, David Parkes, Krzysztof Gajos, and Yiling Chen.
In KDD-HCOMP'10, Washington, DC, 2010.

Policy Teaching Through Reward Function Learning [PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang, David C. Parkes, and Yiling Chen.
In the 10th ACM Electronic Commerce Conference (EC'09), Stanford, CA, 2009.

A General Approach to Environment Design with One Agent [PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang, Yiling Chen, and David C. Parkes.
In the 21st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-09), Pasadena, CA, 2009.

Strong Activity Rules for Iterative Combinatorial Auctions [PDF]
Pavithra Harsha, Cynthia Barnhart, David C. Parkes, and Haoqi Zhang.
In Computers & Operations Research, 2009.

Value-based Policy Teaching with Active Indirect Elicitation [PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang and David C. Parkes.
In the 23rd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'08), Chicago, IL, 2008
accepted for oral & poster presentation

Enabling Environment Design via Active Indirect Elicitation [PDF, slides]
Haoqi Zhang and David C. Parkes.
In the 4th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling, Chicago, IL, 2008.

Policy Teaching through Reward Function Learning [PDF]
Haoqi Zhang
Undergraduate thesis, Computer Science and Economics, Harvard College, 2007 (Hoopes Prize Winner).

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