Motivated engineering and science undergraduate students at Northwestern University are strongly encouraged to contact Prof. Aydin to inquire about the research opportunities in the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Laboratory. Undergraduate students will be involved in projects that could potentially result in a journal publication within a year or so.

Currently we do not have funding available to support a postdoctoral researcher. Please do not send email inquiries regarding this matter. On the other hand, if you have a scholarship or your own funding, we will give consideration to your application for a visiting scholarship or postdoctoral researcher position.

We are looking for two talented and motivated PhD students to join our group in Fall 2019. Competitive students with relevant research background and proven research track are encouraged to apply to the EECS Department or the Applied Physics Graduate Program.

The research in the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Laboratory is focused on the general area of nanophotonics and involves theoretical and experimental study of optical metamaterials and plasmonic nanostructures with a specific focus towards energy, health and defense applications. In our group, we combine various methods for the design, fabrication and characterization of nanophotonic devices, therefore graduate students would expect to receive solid training in numerical electromagnetic simulation tools, advanced nanofabrication techniques and nanoscale optical and electrical characterization methods. 

Graduate Students

If you are interested in listed positions, please contact Prof. Koray Aydin via email:


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