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We are the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab (MNDL) at Northwestern University led by Prof. Koray Aydin. Research program in MNDL is mainly focused on the broad area of nanophotonics, an emerging field strategically positioned at the intersection of electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science and nanoscience.


At MNDL, we are exploring optical metamaterials, plasmonics, and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the interaction between light and nanoscale photonic materials and to control and manipulate these interactions at will. Our ultimate aim is to design, fabricate and characterize metamaterials and nanophotonic devices with reduced dimensions, improved performances, and novel optical and photonic functionalities.

We are fascinated by the exciting opportunities and the immense potential of nanophotonic materials and devices and we strongly believe that nanophotonics will play an essential role in shaping and defining future light-wave technologies.




Koray is awarded the 2017 ONR YIP Award for his proposal entitled “Active Nanophotonics in the Flatland with Novel Hybrid Metasurfaces”.

Our collaborative BRI proposal with Chad Mirkin, Vinayak Dravid and Dave Harris is awarded by the AFOSR. Our team will investigate reconfigurable matter from programmable atom equivalents.

Koray’s popular science article on Metamaterials (in Turkish) appeared in theTUBA GUNCE, a science magazine published by the Turkish Academy of Sciences.

Zizhuo’s papers on time-varying metasurfaces using graphene microribbon arrays and enhanced transmission in graphene films have been accepted by ACS Nano and Optics Express.

  Inverse design of on-chip compact optical diode is published in Scientific Reports.

  Dr. Serkan Butun joins NuFab at Northwestern as a research scientist.

  Zhongyang is awarded the Terminal Year Fellowship by the EECS department. 

  Our article on localized surface plasmons in monolayer black phosphorus is published in Nano Letters.

  Koray organized Nanophotonics Technical Program at the 2015 IEEE Photonics Conference.

  Koray published a News and Views article in Nature Photonics on inverse design of complex nanostructured silicon for on-chip silicon optical components. [PDF]