Metamaterials & Nanophotonic    

                           Devices Laboratory



We are strongly motivated towards addressing the challenges in energy, health and defense applications. To this end, we are developing novel nanophotonic materials and devices including highly efficient ultrathin solar cells, extremely sensitive nanooptical biosensors, and active metamaterial-based filters and modulators.

The research program in the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab is mainly focused on the broad area of nanophotonics, an emerging field strategically positioned at the intersection of electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science and nanoscience.

We are investigating optical metamaterials, plasmonics, and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the interaction between light and nanoscale photonic materials and to control and manipulate these interactions at will. Our ultimate aim is to design, fabricate and characterize metamaterials and nanophotonic devices with novel optical and photonic functionalities.

  1. Zhongyang is awarded prestigious Ryan Fellowship from the IIN. Congratulations Zhongyang for this well-deserved award and recognition.

  2. Zhongyang’s work on ultra-narrowband plasmonic absorbers is accepted for publication in ACS Nano.

  3. Serkan’s work on structurally tunable plasmonic absorbers is published in Optics Express.

  4. Undergraduate student Berker Banar joins MNDL for summer from Ai Kemal Okyay’s group at BIlkent University.

  5. Koray led a quite succesfult sympoium in MRS Spring 2014. The title of the symposium is “Emerging Nanophotonic Materials and Devices” .

  6. Our group’s first paper on touching gold nanoparticle resonators is published in ACS Photonics. Congratulations Zhongyang.

  7. PhD Student Edgar Palacios joins MNDL. Welcome Edgar!

  8. Aydin group received Seed funding from Northwestern MRSEC Center.

  9. Koray is the lead organizer of “Emerging Nanophotonic Materials and Devices” symposium in MRS Spring 2014. We welcome your contributions to this exciting symposium!

  10. Koray presented an invited talk at the IEEE Photonics Society Conference on nanoscale absorption engineering.

  11. Welcome Zizhuo and Hasan! Zizhuo Liu is a first year PhD student in EECS. Hasan Kocer joined MNDL as a postdoctoral researcher.

  12. Koray presented two invited talks at the SPIE Optics and Photonics 2013 Conference in San Diego, CA.

  13. Welcome Shyam Bharadwaj and Kevin Chen! They will be spending this summer in our research group.

  14. Aydin group receives ISEN Booster Award to study novel light absorbers with direction-dependent optical properties.

  15. Koray presented an invited lecture at the “3rd International Workshop for Critical and Sustainable Technologies” which is organized by UNAM in Ankara, Turkey.

  16. Koray presented an invited talk at the Nanotech 2013 conference in Washington DC.