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Hi, I'm Esteban 'Steve' Rangel, a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Northwestern University under the supervision of Professor Alok Choudhary and a member of the Center for Ultra-Scale Computing and Information Security (CUCIS). I'm also a member of the Cosmological Physics and Advanced Computing (CPAC) group in the High Energy Physics division at Argonne National Laboratory where I work primarily on developing scalable analysis tools for cosmological N-body simulations.

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  • Esteban Rangel, Nicholas Frontiere, Salman Habib, Katrin Heitmann, Wei-Keng Liao, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary. "Building Halo Merger Trees from the Q Continuum Simulation" 2017 IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics
  • Esteban Rangel, Nan Li, Salman Habib, Tom Peterka, Ankit Agrawal, Wei-Keng Liao, and Alok Choudhary. "Parallel DTFE Surface Density Field Reconstruction" 2016 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (Best Paper Award)
  • Esteban Rangel, Wei-Keng Liao, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary, and William Hendrix. "AGORAS: A Fast Algorithm for Estimating Medoids in Large Datasets" Procedia Computer Science 80 (2016): 1159-1169.
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  • Jenet, Fredrick A., Lappoon R. Tang, Louis Dartez, Oscar Garcia, and Esteban Rangel. "Building a Natural Language Interface for the ATNF Pulsar Database Using a Machine Learning Approach." INISTA 2009: 476.

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