We are the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab (MNDL) at Northwestern University led by Prof. Koray Aydin. Research program in MNDL is mainly focused on the broad area of nanophotonics, an emerging field strategically positioned at the intersection of electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science and nanoscience.



Koray is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Thanks to all current and former group members for their hard work, dedication.

Prof. Heeso Noh and Chenwei Wei joins MNDL as visiting researchers. Welcome on board!

Edgar receives prestigious IIN Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award. Congratulations Edgar.

Congrats Dr. Liu for successfully defending his thesis. Zizhuo will work for Trexquant.

Dr. Haiqing Xu and Dr. Guangsheng Deng joins MNDL as visiting postdoctoral researchers. Welcome!

Koray presented an invited talk at SPIE Optics and Photonics 2018.

Our group welcomes Prof. Koby Scheuer from Tel Aviv University as a visiting scientist for 2 months.

Koray presented an invited talk at the GRC Plasmonics and Nanophotonics 2018 Conference. Thank you Peter Nordlander and Jen Dionne for the invitation!

Congrats Dr. Callewaert for his successful thesis defense. Francois joins Microsoft as a data scientist.

Our manuscript on template-confined DNA-mediated assembly for building dynamic metamaterials in collaboration with Chad Mirkin and Vinayak Dravid published in Science and highlighted by Northwestern News, Newsweek, photonics.com, phys.org, Science Daily and others.

Our research on inverse-designed and 3D Printed millimeter-wave broadband metadevices is published in Scientific Reports and highlighted in McCormick website, Science Daily and phys.org.


At MNDL, we are exploring optical metamaterials, plasmonics, and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the interaction between light and nanoscale photonic materials and to control and manipulate these interactions at will. Our ultimate aim is to design, fabricate and characterize metamaterials and nanophotonic devices with reduced dimensions, improved performances, and novel optical and photonic functionalities.

We are fascinated by the exciting opportunities and the immense potential of nanophotonic materials and devices and we strongly believe that nanophotonics will play an essential role in shaping and defining future light-wave technologies.


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Inverse Design

Dynamic Metasurfaces

Ultrathin Metallic Films


& Metamaterials

Plasmonic Absorbers

2D Materials

Inverse-designed broadband all-dielectric electromagnetic metadevices

F. Callewaert, S. Butun, Z. Li, and K. Aydin, Scientific Reports 6, 32577 (2016).

Building superlattices from individual nanoparticles via template-confined DNA-mediated assembly

Q.-Y. Lin, J. Mason, Z. Li, W. Zhou, M. N. O’Brien, K. A. Brown, M. R. Jones, S. Butun, B. Lee, V. P. Dravid*, K. Aydin*, and C. A. Mirkin*, Science accepted (2018).