Course Description

A laboratory-based introduction to robotics. Focus will be on both hardware (sensors and actuators) and software (sensor processing and behavior development). Topics will include: the basics in kinematics, dynamics, control, and motion planning; and an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Coursework will consist primarily of bi-weekly robot programming assignments, which each include an in-lab demo or competition, and written lab report. Each student works with an assigned lab partner.

Course Instructor

Class Time and Location

Fall quarter (September - December, 2015)
Lecture/Laboratory: Tuesday, Thursday 2:00-5:50
Location: Tech CG50

Office Hours

Prof. Argall: TuTh 2:00-5:50pm, Tech CG50
Mahdieh:: TuTh 2:00-5:50pm, Tech CG50
Michael:: TuTh 2:00-5:50pm, Tech CG50
Deepak:: TuTh 2:00-5:50pm, Tech CG50

Grading Policy

Assignment #0: 10%
Assignment #1: 25%
Assignment #2: 35%
Assignment #3: 30%

Course Discussions

You are encouraged to discuss any conceptual and/or programming questions that you may come accross on the class Canvas page.
ROS Answers
ROS Answers is another good resource when you run into problems with ROS.

Assignment Details

See the Assignment Page for more details on how to hand in your assignments.


See the Demos Page for more details on how to demonstrations days.


How much time in this class is spent in the laboratory versus in lecture?
This class emphasizes lab time. The goal is to have you walk away from this course with a true introduction to robotics from both a theoretical and hands-on programming perspective. In general, you can expect a 45 min to 1hr lecture introducing each project and the rest of your time will be spent getting the systems to work.
Can I work in a group for the projects?
Yes, you will be working in groups of 2 or 3 on each project. However, everyone must turn in their own write up (i.e. you cannot write your report with your group members). Please see the Assignments page for more details.
Are there any exams in this class?
Is there a required textbook?
Yes, The Robotics Primer , MIT Press 2007, Maja J. Matarić. is the required textbook.
Can I take the hardware home to work on it outside of the lab?
No, sorry, we need to make sure that all the Bioloid kits stay in Tech CG50 at all times.