Simone Campanoni

Tenure-track assistant professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University


I am a tenure-track assistant professor at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department of Northwestern University.
My group focuses on code compilation challenges for both energy efficiency and performance targeting commodity processors. We address these research challenges by co-designing compilers with the computer architecture they target as well as with the programming language they translate.

Research: Our compiler TAFMemo has been accepted in the special issue of IEEE Micro on Approximate Computing. Congratulations Georgios!

Teaching: I've received the 2017-2018 EECS Best Teacher Award! I'm very grateful and lucky to have had such amazing students that made my teaching easy

Conference: I'm very happy to have been invited to serve on the CGO program committee for 2019! CGO is a great conference for compiler enthusiast like myself. Consider submitting your work to the premier CGO symposium !

Conference: I'm very happy to have been invited to serve on the IISWC program committee for 2018! IISWC is a great conference for workload characterization analysis. Consider submitting your work!

Research: Our compiler STATS has been accepted in ASPLOS 2018. Congratulations Enrico!

Research: Our work on compiler-architecture co-design for timing speculative processors has been accepted in DAC 2018 . Congratulations Yuanbo!

Research: Our work on parallelizing sequential code has been highlighted by Communication ACM Research Highlights!

Research: Our work on compilers for non-deterministic programs has been accepted for a PACT 2017 short paper. Congratulations Enrico!

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