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I'm a third year undergrad in Computer Science at Northwestern University, advised by Haoqi Zhang and Nell O'Rourke through Design, Technology, and Research (DTR). My research interests are in computing education, human-computer interaction (HCI) systems, learning sciences, and software engineering.

I aim to develop novel systems to help non-expert programmers understand, write, and reason about code more easily. I'm especially interested in applying graph theory and functional programming principles to instructional design and developer tooling.

I am generously supported by awards including the Google Lime Scholarship, Microsoft Tuition Scholarship, Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship, and Box Engineering Diversity Scholarship.

I've served as a teaching assistant for EECS 111: Fundamentals of Computer Programming I for four wonderful quarters now, and EECS 214: Data Structures and Data Management for two. Working with students new to computer science is my favorite, and keeps me grounded in the problems I hope to solve. I'm also the Computer Science representative to the Weinberg Student Advisory Board and a member of the Weinberg Curricular Review Committee, where we debate time-honored questions such as "Should this course count for Ethics and Values distribution credit, and why?"

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News and External Validation

  • Great Success Ply wins First Place at the CHI 2017 Student Research Competition.
  • Success I am honored to receive a Microsoft Tuition Scholarship for 2017-18!
  • Warning I am a returning TA for EECS 214: Data Structures and Data Management with Ian Horswill during Spring 2017, in celebration of my abiding passion for recursive depth first search.
  • Danger Ply: Visual Regression Pruning for Web Design Source Inspection was accepted to the ACM Student Research Competition at CHI 2017.
  • Success I will be joining Khan Academy this summer as a software engineering intern!!