Hand in your homeworks by 5:00pm on Sunday. Codewalkers will be announced by 6:00pm. If you don't get an email by that time, you aren't it. Codewalkers have 24 hours to put together their presentations, and may not modify their code (ie, what you hand in is what you present).

Your codewalk will be judged on two factors, on a scale from one to five.

  1. the code: your code must be easy to understand, easy to modify, and well-tested. We expect to see it and understand it during the code walk, but don't just throw random bits of it on the screen. Show us diagrams to explain the code and dive into details for the interesting bits as needed.
  2. the presentation: your presentation must be clear, well-structured, and interesting to your audience (your classmates, not your instructors).

Good presentations must take the audience into account. In this case, your audience is your classmates (not your instructors). You and they share a common experience and you must be able to build on that in order to communicate effectively. Do not assume they know how your code works, but do assume they know the issues involved in getting your code to work properly. Expect them to pay close attention to your presentation and reward that attention by not boring them and not losing them. (When you present in other situations, you will typically have less in common and the audience will have a much wider range of expeience, making the presentation much harder.)

Good presentations have a clear structure. There should be some small number of points your wish to share about your code and your presentation should be driven to bring across those points. Your classmates should come away feeling like they have learned something from your experiences.

CSPP 51090: Software Construction