Web/iTunes Teachpack


Download this teachpack: web-itunes.ss for use with these assignments. Use Language|Add Teachpack... once you've downloaded the teachpack.


New atomic data

htmlRepresents html
tdRepresents a td, a single cell in a table
htmlRepresents a tr, a line line in a table

Data definitions

;; An album is:
;;  - (make-album string string list-of-strings)
(define-struct album (artist title songs))
;; An list-of-strings is either:
;;  - empty, or
;;  - (cons string list-of-string)


save-web-page:string string html -> true
saves the web page. first argument is the filename, second is the title, and third is the content.
table:(listof tr) -> html
builds a table from a list of table rows
center:html -> html
centers some html
tr:list-of-td -> html
creates a single row of a table, from a list of tds
td:html -> td
creates a single row of a table, from a list of tds
pcd:string -> html
creates some html from some text
bold:html -> html
makes some html bold
italic:html -> html
makes some html italicized
link:string html -> html
creates a link to the url in the string with the hyperlinked html
Some of Robby's albums
Robby Findler