About Me

I am currently a third-year PhD student in the Theory and Economics group of the EECS department at Northwestern, where I am advised by Ronen Gradwohl. My research interests lie in the intersection of computer science and economics, specifically algorithmic game theory and mechanism design.

I received my undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics from USC. While there, I also worked with David Kempe on social networks.

Research Interests


Probability 1 Computation with Chemical Reaction Networks, with Dave Doty and David Soloveichik. To appear, DNA '14.

The Empirical Implications of Privacy-Aware Choice, with Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman. EC '14.

Speed Faults in Computation by Chemical Reaction Networks, with Ho-Lin Chen, Dave Doty, and David Soloveichik. To appear, DISC '14.

Individual Preferences for Privacy, with Ronen Gradwohl. Preliminary version presented at Workshop on Privacy and Economics, 2013. (Abstract only)

Influence Maximization in Social Networks When Negative Opinions May Emerge and Propagate, with Wei Chen, Alex Collins, Te Ke, Zhenming Liu, David Rincon, Xiaorui Sun, Yajun Wang, Wei Wei, and Yifei Yuan. SDM'11. (Preliminary version published as a technical report)