Hale Ao o Ka Moamoa

A research lab at Northwestern University exploring energy efficient computing in the context of global scale applications ranging from healthcare to environmental engineering. Learn about the name

Recent Publications

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Experience: Design, Development and Evaluation of a Wearable Device for mHealth Applications The 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (ACM MobiCom’19)

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To Mask or Not to Mask? Balancing Privacy with Visual Confirmation Utility in Activity-Oriented Wearable Cameras ACM Interactive Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Technology (ACM UbiComp’19)

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Application Memory Isolation on Ultra-Low-Power MCUs 2018 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 18)

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Holistic Energy Management with uProcessor Co-Optimization in Fully Integrated Battery-Less IoTs 2018 31st IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (IEEE SOCC’18)

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InK: Reactive Kernel for Tiny Batteryless Sensors 16th ACM Conference on Embedded Network Sensor Systems (SenSys ‘18)

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Prospective Students

Our lab is always looking for highly motivated, extremely curious students, with interesting and diverse backgrounds. After reading some of our papers, and looking at some of our projects, where do you see yourself?

  • Do you have serious hardware hacking skills? Are you a software guru?
  • Maybe you are interested in handling the massive amounts of lossy data these systems gather in an elegant way?
  • Perchance you think that all of this falls apart unless we study the human factors, and the sociological impact of trillions of always on devices interacting with us?
  • Or maybe you just really like to build things and see those things have an impact.

If you are any of these people, we might be interested in working with you as a graduate, or undergraduate student.

Before you contact us, It is highly recommended you read this advice , and this advice. Make sure to apply to Northwestern Engineering, and we can talk about working together. If you are already at Northwestern as an undergraduate or graduate student, email Prof Hester to schedule a time to talk in his office.

Prof Hester (a Native Hawaiian) is especially interested in engaging Native and Indigenous students and researchers in Computer Science and Engineering. Please reach out.

Fill out this form if you are interested in working with us.


Amulet: Mobile Health Sensing

Our vision is that computational jewelry, in a form like a bracelet or pendant, will provide the properties essential for successful body-area mHealth networks.

Intermittent Computing: Batteries Not Included

Architecture, hardware, languages, and tools, for energy harvesting, intermittently powered computing devices.


Our lab is generously funded by the National Science Foundation (CNS-1850496, CNS-1915847, ECCS-1912694 ) and the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO).