Caml-Shcaml is an Ocaml library for Unix shell programming.

Getting Shcaml

If you’re using GODI with Ocaml 3.11 or 3.12, then the easiest way to get Caml-Shcaml is to install the godi-shcaml package. Otherwise, you can install one of the following source tarballs, depending on your version of Ocaml:

The development version of Shcaml is available on GitHub, or by git clone git://


The easiest way to install Caml-Shcaml is using GODI, which will install dependencies as well. To install one of the source distributions above, you’ll need findlib and the pcre package. Then Shcaml uses a conventional ./configure && make && make install installation. See the documentation for details.


Please see our documentation, which includes a tutorial and the API reference. You can find example scripts in the examples/ directory of the Shcaml distribution.


About Us

Caml-Shcaml is maintained by Jesse Tov. GODI packaging was contributed by Wojciech Meyer.

Caml-Shcaml was originally written by Alec Heller and Jesse Tov. Initial development was generously supported by Jane St. Capital.


Last updated: Sat Apr 16 23:47:45 EDT 2011