Research Grants


NSF CAREER, CCF-1453853, 2015–2020, $470,000
CAREER: Energy-Efficient and Energy-Proportional Silicon-Photonic Manycore Architectures
Nikos Hardavellas (PI)


Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC), 2015–2017, $380,000
Vadim Linetsky (IEMS), Nikos Hardavellas (EECS), Diego Klabjan (IEMS), Jeremy C. Staum (IEMS)


Institute for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN), Booster Award, 2013–2014, $37,658

Toward Energy-Efficient Computing on Dark Silicon

Nikos Hardavellas (PI)


NSF, CCF-1218768/1217353, 2012–2015, $399,999

SHF:Small:Collaborative Research: Elastic Fidelity: Trading-off Computational Accuracy for Energy Efficiency

Nikos Hardavellas (PI), Seda Memik, Srinivasan Parthasarathy (OSU)


Mentor Graphics, FloTHERM/Icepack Software License Donation, 2012–2015, $37,300

Nikos Hardavellas (PI)


Cadence, Tensilica XTensa Processor Generator Software License Donation, 2013–2015

Nikos Hardavellas (PI)


Allinea MAP/DDT/Performance Analysis Software License Donation, 2015–2016, $11,970

Nikos Hardavellas (PI)