IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Vision 2010 Program

8:00-8:30am Breakfast

8:30-8:35am (5min)  Chair opening speech

8:35-9:20am (45min)  Keynote Speech:

Mobile Computational Photography

Kari Pulli (Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto)

9:20-10:10am Session 1: Mobile Augmented and Mixed Reality

  1. 9:20-9:45am (25min)   "Server-side object recognition and client-side object tracking for mobile augmented reality", Stephan Gammeter , Alexander Gassmann, Lukas Bossard, Till Quack, and  Luc Van Gool

  2. 9:45-10:10am (25min) "Location-based augmented reality on mobile phones", Rmi Paucher, and Matthew Turk

10:10 - 10:30am (20min)  Coffee Break

10:30-11:45am Session 2: Mobile Visual Search and Recognition

  1. 10:30-10:55am (25min) "Instant Segmentation and Feature Extraction for Recognition of Simple Objects on Mobile Phones", Andreas Hartl, Clemens Arth, Dieter Schmalstieg

  2. 10:55-11:20am (25min) "Mobile Image Search With Multimodal Context-Aware Queries", Xin Yang, Sydney Pang, and Tim Cheng 

  3. 11:20-11:45am (25min) "Quantization Schemes for Low Bitrate Compressed Histogram of Gradient Descriptors", Vijay Chandrasekhar, Yuriy Reznik, Gabriel Takacs,  David Chen ,  Sam Tsai,  Radek Grzeszczuk,  and Bernd Girod

11:45am-12:30pm (45min)  Keynote speech:

The Vision Technologies in Google Goggles

Hartmut Neven (Google Research)

12:30-14:00pm (90min)  Lunch

14:00 - 14:45pm (45min) Keynote speech:

Reality Matters for Augmented Reality Gaming

Blair MacIntyre (Geogia Institute of Technology)

14:45-15:35pm Session 3: Mobile Computational Photography

  1. 14:45-15:10pm (25min) "Removing Motion Blur from Barcode Images", Saeed Yahyanejad and Jacob Strom

  2. 15:10-15:35pm(25min) "Fast Image Stitching and Editing for Panorama Painting on Mobile Phones", Yingen Xiong and Kari Pulli

15:35-16:00pm (25min) Break

16:00-16:50pm Session 4: Mobile Internet Vision and Other

  1. 16:00-16:25pm (25min) "Removing pedestrians from Google Street View images", Arturo Flores and Serge Belongie

  2. 16:25-16:50pm (25min) "A Step Towards Self-calibration in SLAM: Weakly Calibrated On-line Structure and Motion Estimation", Sebastian Haner, Anders Heyden

16:50-17:10pm (20min) Award announcement

17:10-18:00pm (Potential demo session)