Photonics Technology Laboratory (PTL), Intel Labs, Santa Clara, USA(Jul-Dec 2009)
I worked on development of waveguide avalanche photodiode under the supervision of Dr. Yimin Kang, Dr. Mike Morce and Dr. Mario Paniccia (Jul-Dec 2009)
  • Used Sentaurus TCAD tool to simulate various processing issues (like etching, implantation etc.) with silicon photonics devices
  • Demonstrated a fully functional monolithically integrated variable optical attenuator (VOA) integrated with Si/Ge waveguide avalanche photodiode (WGAPD)
  • Performed comprehensive device characterization for Si-Ge waveguide APD devices including I-V, C-V, analysis of all kind of optical losses, Bandwidth measurement and metrology studies
    Department of Optoelectronics and Photonics, University of Paderborn, Germany(May-Aug 2004)
    I worked on Er doped lithium niobate ring laser under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Sohler.
  • Built a set-up to measure the output and resonance characteristics of the laser cavity
  • Performed spectral analysis, power measurement and noise analysis for the device