List of Awards
  • Won Terminal Year Fellowship from Northwestern University, 2011[link]
  • Won the SPIE Scholarship for Optics and Photonics, 2011[link]
  • Won the Audience Favourite award at Applied Research Day organised by Innuvation, Northwestern University on March 9th, 2011[link]
  • Awarded 2nd prize for best poster at EECS Open House in Nov, 2010[link]
  • Awarded both EECS and TGS Travel Grant for attending SPIE conference in Optics and Photonics, San Diego, 2010
  • Awarded SPIE Travel Grant for attending SPIE conference in Optics and Photonics, San Diego, 2009[link]
  • Our paper won the 3rd best paper award at ECIO, France 2005[link]
Articles in PRESS/JOURNALS about Research
  • "Towards an Integrated Chip-Scale Plasmonic Biosensor" Cover Story OPN Optics and Photonics News (2011) [link]
  • "Tiny antennas squeeze light for better biosensors" Photonics Spectra,Nov 11,2010[weblink]
  • "Northwestern students discovery could detect cancer or anthrax in moments" Daily Northwestern,Nov 3,2010[weblink]
  • "OPTICAL SENSORS: Plasmonic antenna on QCL facet creates chip-scale molecular sensor" OptoIQ (A subsidiary of Laser Focus World) - October 1, 2010 [weblink] [PDF]
  • "Quantum-cascade laser integrated with a metal–dielectric-metal-based plasmonic antenna" Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics vol.5 Issue.9(2010) [selected for the virtual journal]
  • Our SEM picture of microsphere was selected among top 12 in Northwestern Scientific image contest.[link]
  • "Particles cut the cost of making nanoholes"
    appeared in jan15, 2008.[weblink]
  • "Proposal and fabrication of a novel electrically tunable quantum dot intersubband device"
    W. Wu,D. Dey, O.G. Memis and H. Mohseni.
    Virtual J. Nano. Sci. Technol., 19, 21(2009)[selected for the virtual journal]
  • "Microspheres simplify nanopatterning processes" OptoIQ (A subsidiary of Laser Focus World) - April 1, 2008 [weblink]
  • "Large areas of nano-perforated holes in multi-stacked metal films by lift-off"
    W. Wu,D.Dey, A. Katsnelson, O.G. Memis and H.Mohseni.
    Virtual J. Nano. Sci. Technol. vol 18, 13(2008) [selected for the virtual journal]
  • Paper in Nanoscale Research Letters was selected among the Best New Papers in NRL by Springer.[Weblink]
  • "A novel self-aligned and maskless process for formation of highly uniform arrays of nano-holes and nano-pillars" appeared on the cover of IAN conference[link][weblink]