Information on courses, teaching, and grade reporting.

My office is Tech room CG51, on the G level near the door leading out to Sargent Hall. My office phone is 847-491-3269 and my e-mail address is .

Office hours Spring 2019 April 1 - June 7: Monday, Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30 or by appointment. Note that when I have more than one student in my office we will often move to the lab room CG50 next to my office. I may also do that if I just prefer to have a board to write on. Therefore if I am not in my office during office hours I may be in the lab room CG50, or perhaps lab room MG18

Information for courses:

202 | B41 | 222 | 328 | C59 | 363 | C65 | 398 | 410 | D11 | 418 | D21

I use Canvas to report exam grades and make documents available.

Final letter grades can be learned from Caesar late Monday following final exam week.

Matlab work can be done on the EECS Linux systems, on the PCs in our Wilkinson lab and on the IT PCs in room MG45, or on students' personal computers.