Burke Fetscher

Lecturer, Northwestern EECS


A Coq Library For Internal Verification of Running-Times
Jay McCarthy, Burke Fetscher, Max New, Daniel Feltey, and Robby Findler
Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS) 2016

POP-PL: A Patient-Oriented Prescription Programming Language
Spencer P. Florence, Burke Fetscher, Matthew Flatt, William H. Temps, Tina Kiguradze, Dennis P. West,
Charlotte Niznik, Robby Findler, and Steven M. Belknap
Generative Programming: Concepts & Experience (GPCE) 2015

Making Random Judgments: Automatically Generating Well-Typed Terms from the Definition of a Type-System
Burke Fetscher, Koen Claessen, Michał Pałka, John Hughes, and Robby Findler
European Symposium on Programming (ESOP) 2015

Seeing the Futures: Profiling Shared-Memory Parallel Racket
James Swaine, Burke Fetscher, Vincent St-Amour, Robby Findler, and Matthew Flatt
Functional High-Performance Computing (FHPC) 2012

Technical Reports

The Random Generation of Well-Typed Terms
Burke Fetscher
TR NU-EECS-14-05, Northwestern University EECS